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Executive Recruitment

About Us

We are the UK’s largest local authority, with a workforce in excess of 30,000 people, including maintained schools, serving a population of 1.4 million. We have various offices in central locations and a large number of service establishments throughout Kent; our corporate office is based in Maidstone.

More than two thirds of our workforce provide services directly to the public – such as domiciliary Care Workers, Classroom Assistants, Social Workers, Teachers, and Occupational Therapists etc.

Our annual budget covers a huge range of services.  This translates into a host of interesting roles and career paths awaiting those who want to work in a leading edge public sector organisation.

Aims and Objectives

Our focus is to work as one council to design and deliver a cohesive, modern public service offer for all Kent’s residents, businesses and communities. This will bring together change projects consistently across the council and create organisational design opportunities to transform the way we work, including our people, assets, technology, structures and service delivery.

Success in delivering this aspiration will be determined using the following criteria:

  • Working beyond the limit of organisational and service boundaries
  • Thinking beyond the limit of our statutory powers
  • Building capacity to provide sector and system leadership
  • Delivering at both strategic and local scale
  • Supporting economic security
  • Delivering a cohesive service offer
  • Flexibly uses its assets as part of public service design and delivery

The Strategic Delivery Plan is our business plan for 2020 – 2023. In light of COVID-19 this has been revised to focus on those critical activities for 2020-21.

Our business plan plays an important part in delivering the outcomes of our strategic statement, Increasing Opportunities, Improving Outcomes.

Before the pandemic the Council was consulting on it’s new, draft 5 year plan. However, this has been paused and the County Council are considering an interim strategic plan.

Political Arrangements

The County Council has 84 electoral divisions and elections take place every four years.

The political composition of the County Council is as follows:

65 members
Liberal Democrat
7 members
5 members
Independent Groups
4 members


The Leader of Kent County Council is Roger Gough.

There is a Cabinet of Executive Members which meets regularly to debate policy issues and make key decisions. The cabinet comprises of:

Roger Gough
Leader of Kent County Council
Peter Oakford
Deputy Leader & Cabinet Member for Finance, Corporate and Traded Services
Clair Bell
Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health
Susan Carey
Cabinet Member for Environment
Sue Chandler
Cabinet Member for Integrated Children's Services
Mike Hill OBE
Cabinet Member for Community and Regulatory Services
Richard Long
Cabinet Member for Education and Skills
Michael Payne
Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation
Shellina Predergast
Cabinet Member for Communications, Engagement and People
Mike Whiting
Cabinet Member for Economic Development


Structure of Kent County Council

The Senior Officer team consists of six Corporate Directors. For more information on the Corporate Management Team please follow this link.

The four directorates are as follows:

Growth, Environment and Transport

The Directorate comprises a range of key frontline, strategic, policy and commercial functions, and plays a major role in making Kent a better place to live, work and visit.  The services provided, and the future the directorate helps to shape, affects every household in Kent. This includes strategic responsibility for the future of the county in terms of planning, economic development, transport policy, and major transport improvement schemes, waste disposal and recycling services.  In addition, GET manages country parks; libraries; and delivers enforcement services including trading standards, community safety and emergency planning.

Responsible for services that include:

Highways, Transportation & Waste, Regulatory Services, Economic Development, Community Safety & Emergency Planning, Libraries, Registration & Archives, Sport & Country Parks, Arts including Kent Film Office, Development Planning, Planning Applications, North Downs Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Flood Risk & Environment, Sustainability & Climate Change and Heritage Conservation. 

Adult Social Care and Health 

The Directorate commissions and provides a range of services to improve outcomes for older and vulnerable adults, including those with mental health issues or disabilities, and their families. The Directorate supports vulnerable adults to live independently by promoting their wellbeing and supporting their independence. Services for adult mental health and learning disability already work in integrated teams with NHS colleagues and as a key partner in the Kent and Medway STP we are developing multi-disciplinary teams within communities to support local care.

Responsible for services that include:

Adults Central Referral Unit, Adult Community Teams, Safeguarding and quality, Kent Enablement at Home, Sensory and Autistic Spectrum Conditions Service, Integrated/Registered Care Centres, Day Centres, Community Learning Disability Teams, In-House Provision and Mental Health Services. 

Children, Young People and Education Directorate 

This Directorate combines and integrates the statutory responsibilities of Specialist Children’s Services together with Education services and the targeted and universal services for children and young people within Early Help and Preventative Services. There is a strong focus on alignment of resources to help ensure achievement of one of the key County Council strategic outcomes: ‘Every child and young person in Kent gets the best start in life’. To improve outcomes for children and young people, services within the Directorate are working together with relevant partners to deliver the vision set out in the Children and Young People’s Services Integration Programme.

Responsible for services that include:

Children’s Social Care, Adoption & Fostering, Standards & School Improvement, Skills & Employability, Early Years and Childcare, Provision Planning, Fair Access, Educational Psychology, SEN Assessment & Placement, Youth Justice, Outdoor Education Centres, Children’s Centres and Youth Hubs, Inclusion & Attendance, Early Intervention and Community Learning & Skills and Disabled Children and Young People Teams. 

Strategic and Corporate Services

The Directorate supports the delivery of our front line services. The Directorate leads and co-ordinates major change, organisational design, development and provides a critical client and contracting role with our trading companies including property, legal and customer contact. It provides organisational wide governance, financial management and a major contribution to our political and external relationships.

Responsible for services that include:

Engagement, Communications, Organisation Design & Development, Finance, Governance & Law, Infrastructure, Policy and Strategic Commissioning including Procurement & Business Intelligence and Public Health.